nothing makes me happier or more energized than being behind the camera; I live for creating beautiful imagery, and cant't wait to capture lasting memories for you!

I'm Jana, a wife and mother residing in the outer suburbs of Portland, Oregon. I am a creative at heart, which means I am always thinking up some new project, and often have my hands in many at one time!

I love aesthetics; art, clothing, interiors, etc. When I am not at a session, you will find me perusing the latest in  interior design or high fashion options online, but...

I am an enneagram 3w4
An ambitious achiever with a desire to be individualistic, connect emotionally, and create...
 perfect for a photographer!

A lazy Sunday morning, filled
with cuddles, movies & a cup of hot lemon water
are my go to! Anyone?

I love fashion and gravitate towards classic styles, with elements of fun or edginess. Though I'm mostly in athleisure these days, I love an excuse to get dressed up!

I love to laugh! funny memes, my kids being goofy, a well timed joke... 
I'm here for it!

My husband and 5 kids. My whole heart.


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