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We just finally got to sit down and look at all our beautiful pictures yesterday! Wow.
I think I cried at least two times. You really captured our day and told our story.
I am forever grateful. 

I would not trust that anyone else could have captured the true emotions and lifetime memories in the photos that Jana Captured for us. She is brilliant at what she does.

Phenomenal! Jana takes care to make sure each photoshoot reflects her clients style while delivering consistently beautiful work. She'll make sure you feel comfortable from behind the lens and make sure you look stunning in the photos.

“she is a magician behind the camera..." -Rebecca

I am a wife and mother, constantly on the hunt for what is life giving and real. I  crave connection,  laughter, and simple pleasures. If I can interest you in a sarcastic comment, or a profound and moving story, we will be fast friends.
I feel at home in a spectrum of emotions, and  my work reflects that.


A seasoned pro who feels more like a trusted friend is what you get when you book Jana.


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