More Schoolhouse

I just wanted to share a little more of Ashley’s shoot at Schoolhouse Electric. This place is an interior design dream. Decidely hipster, with that NW flavor. Everywhere you turn there is another beautiful vignette to behold. It is so expertly merchandised, but still has a casual feel. Truly it is a pleasure to go and browse, and then sit down for steaming cup of coffee. If you havent been yet, I highly recommend you go!

Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0126.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0110.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0111.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0112.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0113.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0114.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0115.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0134.jpg

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