This guide is designed to take the guess work out of what to wear for your photo shoot. With some helpful tips, and visual inspiration, you should be able to confidently put together outfits that will elevate your portrait session. 

The below mood boards are great inspiration, and also provide beautiful color palettes that you can use to guide your choices.  My rule of thumb is always muted neutrals with the option to add in pops of color. Its important to let your location inform your clothing choices. High heeled black boots will be a disconnect in a nature setting, but would work beautifully in an urban location. The same goes for clothing colors. You will want to stay away from colors that conflict with your surroundings. For example: If your session is in a predominantly green area, you will want to avoid green in your clothing. Additionally, this style guide and the provided tips have been catered specifically to compliment my shooting and editing style, ensuring a cohesive final image.

*An important note on colors to avoid. If you chose my work because you love the look and tones of the images, I do recommend avoiding an abundance of blue. Denim, and muted chambrays here and there in a grouping work well, however, a lot of blue will visually cool the images considerably.

*All neoncolors
*bright green
*bright orange
*bright pink/CORAL
*bright turquoise
*bright yellow
*too much blue

*Olive Green
*Burnt Orange
*Salmon, Peach, or Shell Pink
*chambray, Grayish or Navy Blue
*MuSTARD Yellow

Colors to avoid


Texture is wonderful for photos. Small shadows appear in textured items communicating depth and dimension in an image. Some examples would be cable knit, nubby sweaters/scarves, melange, etc.

Patterns should be used  thoughtfully and usually sparingly. If one person has a fun patterned item that coordinates with the rest of the grouping, then go for it! Some examples would be plaids, stripes, florals, polka dots, ikat, etc.

Texture & Patterns

Suggested Retailers

Free People
Urban Outfitters
J. Crew
Banana republic
Piper and Scoot

Old Navy

These stores will fit any budget and most of the clothing on the mood boards below came from these retailers.