Happy Halloween!

A day of halloween festivities at Murase Park, including a ride in a horse drawn carriage! We met up with Kellan’s BFF and made a morning of it.

Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0156.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0157.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0158.jpg

(Cutest Harry Potter EVER!!!)

Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0159.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0160.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0161.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0162.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0163.jpg
Beaverton_Baby_shower_Event Photography_0164.jpg

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